20-Month Transformations

superman-animated-wallpaper-27I’m a big proponent of writing one’s goals down. I suggest you do the same. Write your goals out in 20-month time periods.

If you don’t meet your goal in this 20-month period, just roll it into the next. Do this for the rest of your life (never stop growing).

When you write your goals out, try to make them measurable. In other words, instead of saying you want to get in shape, say you’re going to lift weights 3x/week for the 20 months.

You’ll be amazed at the transformation that can happen in 20-month blocks with a little focus. Once you write your goals down, look at them everyday. Remind yourself of where you are going.

Here you’ll find a record of the 20-Month Transformations I’ve worked (or am working) on: